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  • Places where localized heating is necessary

  • Locations with extensive heat loss

  • Locations with high ceilings

  • Locations that need to be heated for a certain period of time

  • Locations with ventilation

  • Locations with high foot traffic

  • Open and semi-open areas

UFO Infrared Heaters 

UFO Infrared heaters work similarly to the sun. As the sun shines on the earth, heat is absorbed by objects and people. UFO infrared heaters are energy efficient. Infrared heaters warm objects directly, and carry their energy directly to objects and people with infrared heating technology; resulting in about 95% of the energy consumed converted into heat. Infrared heaters do not heat the air; they directly heat the objects. Furthermore, UFO infrared heaters heat instantly. The infrared heaters carry their energy in their infrared light, and for that reason infrared heating technology delivers heat in just seconds. When the light hits, warmth is felt.

UFO infrared heaters are safe and eco-friendly; they do not burn oxygen like gas heaters and they use no gas. UFO infrared heaters are silent; they do not have fans or motors and they are quiet. UFO infrared heaters are healthy; they do not reduce humidity and oxygen levels, since the infrared heaters heat the objects, not the air.      

Econat Gourmet Food Products

Econat also offers premium gourmet food products (a wide range of natural and processed dried fruits and hazelnuts in a variety of grades). Most of our products fall into the following categories: dried, figs, dried apricots, hazelnuts, dried grapes, other dried fruits and snack bars.


Dried fruit generally provides essential nutrients such as fiber, and minerals  such as potassium and calcium. They may also contain other minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, they are a great source of antioxidants. They are also found to be useful in many functions of the human body. For example, they may regulate the functioning of the brain, be a rich source of antioxidants, play an important role in keeping bones healthier, reduce risk of many diseases, or even help to prevent cancer.

UFO, ECONAT Products
  •  UFO S-15, 1500 w

  • UFO UK-15, 1500 w

  • UFO S-24, 2400 w

  • UFO S-29, 2900 w

  • UFO UK-23, 2300 w

  • UFO UK-30, 3000 w

  • UFO Blackline 

  • UFO T-19, 1900 w

  • UFO T-23, 2300 w

  • EXCLUSIVE Heater Models

  • UFO Cool Mist Fan with Ionize

  • Econat Food Gourmet Products  

Infrared heaters for living room

UFO infrared heaters for living room

Infrared Heaters for Workroom

UFO infrared heaters for rooms

Infrared heaters for kitchen

UFO Infrared Heaters for kitchen

Infrared Heaters for Kids Room

UFO Infrared Heaters for kids room

Infrared Heaters for Garage

UFO Infrared Heaters for garage

Infrared heters for patio

UFO Infrared Heaters for patio

Infrared Heaters for Garden

UFO Infrared Heaters for garden

Infrared Heaters for Cafe

UFO Infrared Heaters for cafe

Infrared Heaters for Restaurants

UFO Infrared Heaters for restaurants

Infrared Heaters for Office

UFO Infrared Heaters for offices

Infrared Heaters for Stores

UFO Infrared Heaters for stores

Customized Infrared Heaters

UFO infrared heaters for

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