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Innovative, Energy-smart, and Efficient

                                    Save Energy, Save Money

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise in the fields of international trade and air regulation systems enables us to provide you with the highest quality products. Our partnership with UFO Heaters brings us a step further than many of our competitors. 

We have brought the high-quality products of our partner for affordable prices and the best customer care through this time. Our collaboration enables us to provide you with the best and most affordable heating and cooling solutions.

The visions of Econat and UFO align at one point: we care for the environment. Our heaters and cooling systems are electrical and operate at the highest efficiency. Our products are eco-friendly since electricity can be sourced from green energy. We advocate that electric heating and cooling systems are the most environment-friendly solutions to the current environmental crisis.

If you are interested in becoming UFO and Econat infrared heaters dealer, or you have inquiries about products or prices, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer consulting services for international trade inquiries and you can book a request. 

UFO, ECONAT Products
  • ECONAT C-15, 1500 watt

  • UFO S-15, 1500 watt

  • UFO UK-15, 1500 watt

  • UFO S-24, 2400 watt

  • UFO S-29, 2900 watt

  • UFO UK-23, 2300 watt

  • UFO UK-30, 3000 watt

  • UFO T-19, 1900 watt

  • UFO T-23, 2300 watt

  • EXCLUSIVE Heater Models

  • UFO Cool Mist Fan with Ionizer

Uses of Infrared Heaters
  • Places where localized heating is necessary

  • Locations with extensive heat loss, high ceilings, ventilation, or high foot traffic.

  • Locations that only need to be heated for a short time

  • Open and semi-open areas

Infrared Heaters for Kids Room

UFO Infrared Heaters for kid's room

Infrared heters for patio

UFO Infrared Heaters for patio

Infrared Heaters for Garden

UFO Infrared Heaters for garden

Infrared Heaters for Stores

UFO Infrared Heaters for stores

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