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Infrared heating technology

Like the sun, infrared light heats objects directly, carrying energy to objects and humans using infrared rays. 

The sun is our source of heat and light. It is the sunlight that enables creatures to live, complete their energy cycle, and grow. We feel warmth on our bodies, even in the winter, when the sunlight comes through the clouds. This does not mean that the Earth suddenly warms up. We feel warm because of the photons, which constitute the rays of light, leaving their energy on the surfaces they hit.


Along with visible light, infrared rays reach Earth from the sun as well. Infrared rays are the rays that transfer heat most efficiently and contribute to the warming of the Earth. The operation principle of UFO infrared heaters is based on this phenomenon. The heater begins emitting medium-wave infrared rays in a mere 30 seconds.

Benefits of UFO infrared heaters

  • Heats immediately;  when the light hits, warmth is felt.​

  • Energy-smart; nearly all the energy consumed is converted into heat.

  • Cost-efficient, mere pennies an hour to operate.

  • Heat produced is not affected by wind or air.

  • Healthy heat source - safe, odorless heat, that does not dry out the air or consume oxygen​

  • They are silent, without fans or motors.

  • Mid-wave infrared heating technology  - with luminescence at 2.4 µm wave length, absorbed by many materials.

  • Delivered heat can be redirected.​

  • Best reflection profile. Has a corrosion protected aluminum case, and a reflector structure.​

  • Heats only when and where heating is necessary.

  • ​Excellent in areas that are hard to heat or have high heat loss.


Advantages of UFO Infrared Heaters Compared to Ordinary Heaters

The heating systems we use in our homes are generally grouped into two categories: convective (classical systems which transfer heat by using air as a medium) and radiant (systems that transfer heat by radiation).


​Convective heaters transfer the heat on surfaces by the movement of heated air from one place to another. They need to heat all the air in that space to heat the environment. Therefore, depending on the volume of the environment, it takes approximately 40 minutes for us to feel warm in an average-sized room. We spend most of our money warming the air before we even begin feeling warm.


​With these systems, huge heat losses occur as the air moves up to the ceiling. The warm air also dilates and escapes through poorly insulated areas such as doors and windows. As the warm air reaches the ceiling, walls, doors, windows and floor, heat loss occurs, depending on the degree of insulation. It may be necessary to spend a lot of money on insulation to reduce these losses.


​UFO infrared heaters, which utilize radiant heat,  are quite different from classical heating systems. UFO infrared heaters heat our bodies just like the sun heats our world.


We need a certain amount of calories to warm up our bodies. Convective heaters consume unnecessary energy to increase the environment’s temperature to provide us with these calories. However, UFO infrared heaters load the heat directly onto our body, clothes, and the objects around us via photons (light). Thus, without consuming energy to warm up the air, they provide us with the amount of calories we need. They do not heat the ceiling first but directly heat you and the objects around you.




UFO infrared heaters begin heating within seconds. Due to their high efficiency in transferring heat, they will decrease your energy consumption and contribute to saving the environment by efficiently using energy resources. Furthermore, with energy costs continually on the rise, you will save a good deal of money.


Since UFO heaters heat by infrared light, wind or air flows do not affect them. Furthermore, they provide you with the possibility to redirect and control the heat emitted. Not only will they keep you warm indoors, they will also keep you warm outdoors. You may comfortably use outdoor-approved  models of UFO infrared heaters  efficiently in places such as your patio, porch, terrace, garage, workshop, and others areas.


​Compared to classical heating systems, UFO infrared heaters transfer heat up to 80% more efficiently. Depending on many factors, such as the size of the room, degree of insulation, or season, the efficiency rate may rise even higher.

The tables below contain information regarding the heating areas and mounting distances for indoor and outdoor use of UFO heaters. Because the outdoor heating area will vary depending on geographical conditions such as outside temperatures and wind speeds, these are given as minimum and maximum ranges. Although the wind or ambient temperatures do not affect the infrared rays of UFO heaters, people will feel colder in windy weather.


The tests above were performed in 46 sq. ft. with good, normal and poor insulation. The data above shows the temperatures of the globe thermometer 6.5 ft. away from a convection heater and a UFO infrared heater of the same power. The images above show how, the poorer the insulation, the higher the efficiency of a UFO infrared heater.

Indoor & Outdoor Heating Distances

Indoor Heating Distances


Note: These tests were performed at room temperature ~21 oC (70 oF).

Outdoor Heating Distances


Note: These tests were performed under an external temperature ~19 oC outdoors without wind. These values may vary depending on the conditions of the exterior environment and the connection angle of the heater.

Outdoor Use of UFO Heaters

The efficiency of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) heaters is relatively low, as they generate long-wave radiation. These heaters only work well for people seated very close to them. Due to convection, much of the energy disperses without reaching those sitting further away. These devices also bear several safety risks. People sitting outside in a restaurant or café will be disturbed by having an LPG tank next to them. LPG heaters also generate combustion odors.

UFO heaters are produced per the IP34 (Ingress Protection) Safety Classification code. All electrical components are insulated against water, and the anodized surface, aluminium reflector, and stainless steel interior parts are highly corrosion resistant. Therefore, even if it rains, you can safely use these heaters outdoors. Please note that the remote-controlled models are not intended for outdoor use.

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