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Infrared Heating Technology

Infrared heating technology, much like the sun, directly heats objects by transmitting energy through infrared rays. 

The sun serves as our primary source of both warmth and illumination. Its radiant energy sustains life, drives the energy cycle, and fosters growth. Even on a winter day, when sunlight filters through the clouds, we experience the sensation of warmth on our skin. This sensation isn't due to a sudden surge in the Earth's temperature but rather the result of photons, the constituent particles of light, depositing their energy upon the surfaces they encounter.

In addition to visible light, the sun also radiates infrared rays to Earth. Among these rays, infrared is the most effective carrier of heat and plays a pivotal role in warming our planet. The operational principle of UFO infrared heaters is rooted in this very phenomenon. In a mere 30 seconds, these heaters begin emitting medium-wave infrared rays, harnessing the sun's efficient method of heat transfer.

Benefits of UFO Infrared Heaters

  • Instant Heating: Provides immediate warmth when exposed to light.

  • Energy-Efficient: Virtually all consumed energy is converted into heat, ensuring smart energy use.

  • Cost-Effective: Operates at a low cost, only costing pennies per hour.

  • Wind-Resistant: Heat remains unaffected by wind or air, providing consistent warmth.

  • Healthy Heating Source: Offers safe, odorless heat that doesn’t dry the air or deplete oxygen.

  • Quiet Operation: Operates silently without fans or motors, providing a peaceful environment.

  • Mid-Wave Infrared Technology: Utilizes mid-wave infrared technology at a 2.4 µm wavelength, absorbed by various materials.

  • Adjustable Heat: Delivered heat can be directed as needed, offering flexibility in heating.

  • Optimal Reflective Properties: Features a corrosion-protected aluminum casing and an efficient reflector structure for the best heat reflection.

  • Precise Heating: Heats only when and where necessary, optimizing energy usage.

  • Effective in Challenging Areas: Particularly suitable for hard-to-heat or high heat-loss locations, ensuring efficient heating where it's needed most.

Advantages of UFO Infrared Heaters Compared to Ordinary Heaters

In our homes, heating systems generally fall into two categories: convective (traditional systems that use air to transfer heat) and radiant (systems that transfer heat through radiation).

Convective heaters warm surfaces by moving heated air from one place to another. They need to heat the air within a space to warm the environment. Therefore, in an average-sized room, it takes around 40 minutes for us to feel warm, and a significant amount of energy is spent heating the air before we experience warmth.

With these systems, considerable heat is lost as warm air rises to the ceiling and escapes through poorly insulated areas such as doors and windows. Heat loss also occurs as warm air comes into contact with the ceiling, walls, doors, windows, and floor, depending on the level of insulation. Additional expenditure might be needed for insulation to reduce these losses.

UFO infrared heaters, which utilize radiant heat, differ significantly from traditional heating systems. They warm our bodies, similar to how the sun warms the world.

Our bodies require a specific amount of calories to feel warm. Convective heaters use unnecessary energy to raise the environment's temperature to provide these calories. In contrast, UFO infrared heaters directly apply heat to our bodies, clothing, and nearby objects through photons (light). This method provides the required calories without expending energy to warm the air. Instead of heating the ceiling first, they directly warm you and the surrounding objects.


Advantages of Radiant Heat with UFO Infrared Heaters


UFO infrared heaters initiate heating within seconds. Their high heat transfer efficiency reduces energy consumption, contributing to resource-efficient energy use and environmental conservation. As energy costs escalate, these heaters significantly reduce expenses.

Because UFO heaters use infrared light for heating, they remain unaffected by wind or air flows. Moreover, they offer the option to redirect and regulate emitted heat. Not limited to indoor use, outdoor-approved models of UFO infrared heaters efficiently warm spaces like patios, porches, terraces, garages, workshops, and various outdoor areas.

Compared to traditional heating systems, UFO infrared heaters exhibit up to 80% more efficient heat transfer. Depending on factors such as room size, insulation level, or season, the efficiency rate can be even higher.

The tables below present details about the heating coverage and mounting distances for both indoor and outdoor usage of UFO heaters. Outdoor heating areas vary based on external conditions like temperature and wind speed, hence provided as minimum and maximum ranges. Although the infrared rays of UFO heaters remain unaffected by wind or ambient temperatures, people might feel colder in windy weather.


The tests above were performed in 46 sq. ft. with good, normal and poor insulation. The data above shows the temperatures of the globe thermometer 6.5 ft. away from a convection heater and a UFO infrared heater of the same power. The images above show how, the poorer the insulation, the higher the efficiency of a UFO infrared heater.

Indoor & Outdoor Heating Distances

Indoor Heating Distances


Note: These tests were performed at room temperature ~21 oC (70 oF).

Outdoor Heating Distances


Note: These tests were performed under an external temperature ~19 oC outdoors without wind. These values may vary depending on the conditions of the exterior environment and the connection angle of the heater.

Outdoor Use of UFO Heaters

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) heaters have lower efficiency, emitting long-wave radiation. They mostly warm people close by, and much of the heat gets lost for those farther away due to convection. These devices also bring safety concerns, especially when placed near individuals in outdoor settings like restaurants or cafes. LPG heaters may produce combustion odors, causing discomfort.

UFO heaters follow the IP34 Safety Classification code, ensuring safety for outdoor use. All electrical parts are waterproof, and the anodized surface, aluminum reflector, and stainless steel interior are highly resistant to corrosion. This design allows safe outdoor use even in the rain. However, please note that remote-controlled models are not intended for outdoor use.

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