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UFO infrared heaters function similarly to the sun, where objects and people absorb heat directly. These heaters are remarkably energy-efficient, warming objects directly and converting about 95% of the consumed energy into heat. They do not heat the air but rather the objects themselves. With their instant heating capability, UFO infrared heaters deliver warmth the moment the light reaches the desired area.

Notably, these heaters are safe and eco-friendly as they don't consume oxygen or use any gas. They operate silently without fans or motors, providing a quiet environment. Moreover, UFO infrared heaters are healthy alternatives, maintaining humidity and oxygen levels as they heat objects rather than the surrounding air.

  • Equipped with a thermostat

  • Can be positioned horizontally

  • Suitable for wall, ceiling, or telescopic stand mounting

  • Safe for outdoor use

  • Offers different comfort levels of heating

  • Operates continuously or for specific durations

The UFO UK models come with a remote control that offers versatile control over the heater's power settings and various timer operations. This remote enables you to conveniently turn the heater on or off, set a timer, activate sleep mode, or choose the everyday mode while ensuring your comfort.

  • Horizontal positioning capability

  • Mountable on wall, ceiling, or usable with a telescopic stand

  • Safe for outdoor use

  • Four comfort levels for heating

  • Operates continuously or with time settings

  • Tip-over safety feature

  • Available in two color options: Silver, Bronze

Introducing Micatronic Technology - a groundbreaking innovation that triples the filament lifespan and operates seamlessly in vertical orientation. The resistance wire, coated with nanotechnology, is meticulously wrapped around mica using a unique 4-axis tetragonal wrapping system, a distinctive UFO technology. In vertical use, the filament's inside cable is prevented from sliding down, ensuring three times more durability.

  • T23 model equipped with a remote control and proximity sensor

  • T19 model includes a thermostat and various comfort levels for customizable warmth

  • Tip-over safety feature

  • Proximity sensor for auto shut-off in case of extreme proximity

  • Programmable shut-off option

  • Sleek and portable design

  • 5-stage power settings controlled via remote

  • High voltage safety

  • High efficiency

  • Available in Black or Brown color options

The UFO Blackline provides versatile mounting options, allowing placement on walls, ceilings, or an optional stand. With a remote control included, it offers you control over the heater's power settings and various timer operations. These infrared heaters by UFO offer immediate heat when light hits, operating with exceptional energy efficiency, converting nearly all consumed energy into heat.

  • 2000 watts, remote control included

  • Can be used horizontally or vertically

  • Tip-over safety feature

  • Wall, ceiling, or optional stand mount options

UFO T-1 Adjustable Telescopic Stand

  • Adjustable telescopic stand suitable for both open and covered areas.

  • Easily mountable at any desired place using screw holes at the base.

  • Features a corrosion-resistant elliptic column and slide tube.

  • Fire-resistant plastic bottom and feet for enhanced safety.

  • Requires no maintenance and is easy to clean.

  • Detachable and storable in its box when not in use.

  • Portable and easily transported between locations.

The UFO Cool Mist Fan with ionizer ATSFI-121 prioritizes your health and comfort by emitting a refreshing cool mist with its humidifying capabilities. This electric mist fan boasts an innovative design, combining a luxurious appearance with user-friendly features. Featuring both fan and humidifier functions that can be used together or separately, it offers a pleasant breeze during the scorching heat of summer and adds moisture to the air during dry seasons. This product suits various climatic conditions, especially thriving in dry climates.

Operating through ultrasonic vibration, the electric mist fan atomizes water into ultra-fine 1-5 micron particles, diffusing a cool mist into the surroundings. It achieves this without excessive electricity consumption thanks to its ultrasonic mist technology. By augmenting cool humidity, it counteracts the adverse effects of low humidity, preventing issues such as dry skin, chapped lips, and a sore throat often experienced in dry environments. Maintaining a relative humidity level of 45% to 65% is optimal for the human body, and this mist fan facilitates a comfortable and cooler environment, particularly in dry settings, by introducing moisture into the air.

UFO ATSFI-121 Oscillating Stand Fan with Cool Mist, Ionizer, and Remote Control

  • Equipped with negative ions for air purification

  • Blows a refreshing cool mist through a 3-speed fan with an integrated humidifier

  • Features infrared remote control and on-board panel control

  • The oscillating head provides full room coverage

  • Offers a 15-hour timer function for automatic shut-off after a preset period

  • Comes with an easy-to-fill 51 fl oz (1.5L) humidifier tank

  • Various wind settings including normal, natural, and sleep modes

  • Motor is protected against overheating

  • Equipped with castors for easy movement

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