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We have operated for over 20 years in household and industrial appliances industry in the worldwide.  We have been producing infrared heaters for over 20 years and UFO is a pioneer in the infrared heating market. The Econat operates in the US and it is an exclusive representative of UFO and Econat brand products. UFO infrared heaters and coolers are also available in Turkey, Ukraine, Europe, and Asia.  Every year Econat company expands its assortment portfolio and model lines and can therefore meet the most challenging demands. Since 2017, the Econat has started to launch new products with its own brand to the market.

We enhance business relationships based on reciprocal partnership "vision". In particular, our main principles are long-term relationships, based on trust and mutual benefit, effective information exchange with the protection of privacy, mutual carrying-out of obligations, and also confidence of partner's clients and partners in the quality of product and service.

The Econat has a complete range of products for all seasons. In summer range misting fans with ionizer, humidifiers and climate control systems are represented. In winter range infrared heaters, which can be used at home as well as for industrial purposes.

At Econat, we are committed to provide our customers with the best of dried fruits. We have built strong relationships with some of the best dried fruit suppliers in Turkey which  is the world's largest producer and exporter of premium quality and unique dried figs, dried apricots and sultana raisins. Therefore, we supply those premium dried fruits  from Turkey and provide those top quality dried fruits, which are also healthy and taste delicious , to our consumers. 



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