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As Econat Inc., we have experience over 20 years in the market and have been working with top retailers worldwide. Therefore, we produce high-quality infrared heaters, coolers, and air regulators at affordable prices.

Ufoheaters.com is an e-commerce website operating under the umbrella of Econat. We bring you UFO products with our expertise in international trade and the heating/cooling sector. 


We have operated for over 20 years in the household and industrial appliances industry.  We have been producing infrared heaters worldwide for over 20 years and UFO is a pioneer in the infrared heating market. Econat operates in the U.S. and is an exclusive representative of UFO and Econat brand products. UFO infrared heaters and coolers are also available in Turkey, Ukraine, Europe, and Asia.

The visions of Econat and UFO align at one point: we care for the environment. Our heaters and cooling systems are electrical and operate at the highest efficiency. Our products are eco-friendly since electricity can be sourced from green energy. We advocate that electric heating and cooling systems are the most environment-friendly solutions to the current environmental crisis.

To explain why electrical heating systems are better, let us give you this example. UFO medium infrared heating systems convert all the electrical power into heat through 94% radiation and 6% convection. With infrared heating, as long as the light shines on an object, you can heat it. You can feel the warmth in a couple of seconds. This technology reduces heat loss due to poor insulation significantly and reduces excess energy consumption. Thus, reducing excess energy consumption is a direct benefit to our environment. You don't only save the environment by energy saving, you make a favor to your budget by reducing your heating bills.


Every year the Econat company expands its assortment portfolio and model lines and can therefore meet the most challenging demands. Since 2017, Econat has started to launch new products with its own brand to the market.

We enhance our business relationships based on our reciprocal partnership vision. In particular, our main principles are long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit, effective information exchange with the protection of privacy, mutual carrying-out of obligations, and ensuring the confidentiality of our partner's clients and partners in the quality of our products and services.

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