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About Us

At Econat Inc., we have two decades of industry expertise and a global presence, collaborating with esteemed retailers around the world. This extensive experience allows us to manufacture top-tier infrared heaters, cooling systems, and air regulators, all at remarkably competitive prices.


Operating under the Econat umbrella, is our dedicated e-commerce platform, where we proudly present UFO's premium line of products. Benefit from our extensive experience in international trade and the heating/cooling sector as we introduce you to the world of UFO.


With over two decades of experience, Econat has pioneered the global market for infrared heaters. As the exclusive representative of UFO and the Econat brand in the United States, we extend our reach to Turkey, Ukraine, Europe, and Asia. Our products, spanning heaters and cooling systems, operate on electricity and are engineered for peak efficiency. What's more, our commitment to eco-friendliness means that our products can be powered by green energy sources, making us a vital contributor to mitigating environmental challenges.


To understand the benefits of electric heating, consider this example: UFO's medium infrared heaters efficiently convert 94% of electricity into radiant heat and just 6% into convection. The outcome? Instant warmth when light touches an object, providing quick comfort. This advanced technology minimizes heat loss due to poor insulation and reduces excessive energy usage, promoting environmental preservation. It's a win-win – you reduce your environmental impact while cutting your heating costs.


Econat continually expands its product range and model lines to meet the most demanding requirements. Since 2017, we have proudly introduced new products under our brand, demonstrating our dedication to innovation.


Our business relationships are built on a foundation of trust, mutual benefit, and effective communication. We prioritize the privacy of our partners, ensuring the confidentiality of our partner's clients and collaborators while delivering top-notch products and services.

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